Ways to Secure Your Smartphone Against Hackers

protect your smatphone

now a days many business man are using their smartphones to do their business online ,but unfortunately they forget the dangers of the internet especially hackers.

of course hackers Always wait the good moment to get all your information : user name ,passwords,bank account information ,boom in just one moment its a desaster.
How to do to secure your smartphone in 2020.

first of all its very important to update the system of your smartphone.updates Always contain new Advanced technology protect your smartphone.
its very iportant too to get a good lock for your smartphone in this way you can be sure no body can check it even if you are not beside it or its not in your Pocket.

Stick with web proxy

Apple and Google offer the service of map that you can find at distance where is your device so you can disable it before it would be between hackers hands.

be aware when using public wifi and also be aware about Bluetooth when you send information ,Always be sure about to whom you are clicking ok to send .
use a proxy server even if its a free such as web unblocker .
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